Lori LeDonne


Lori has been a musician since a young age. She continued to write and perform and grew a love for the piano and electronic music. Graduating high school at 15, she moved to Boston on an early admission from Berkelee College of Music.


By 19, she signed a demo deal with CBS records. That signing brought her opportunities to work with many famous artists whom she met in the entertainment industry. From working at Prince’s Paisley Park to collaborating with Carlos Santana for a nonprofit dear to his heart.


Unfortunately, along this path, Lori struggled with drug use, with periods of sobriety and eventual relapses. She excelled at her work until the death of her friend from a fentanyl overdose, as they relapsed together, brought her full circle. Addiction leads to jails, institutions, and death. She had witnessed all three, and found herself in maximum security prison with a manslaughter charge because she had purchased the drugs that killed her friend.


Lori now embraces health and fitness and is opiate free. She works with the ACLU as a Smart Justice Leader lobbying for prison reform. She writes music and performs with Justice Dance Performance Project and has just been accepted into the fellowship from Bard College to launch her music program IN-JUST-US to help others through trauma and PTSD, knowing how much it helped her. Lori graduated from Copper Beech Institute in November of 2022 with a certification in mindfulness facilitation, a life coping skill to help herself and others in her program stay grounded, positive, and live with purpose.